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Maria De Mattias Secondary School is one among the best school in Tanzania. The school is located 6 KMS from Dodoma Municipality at Kisasa B. It is along Dar Es Salaam, Morogoro, Dodoma, Singida, Singida, Mwanza road. The school was established in January 2010 with registration number S.4195 under Education Act No. 25 of 1978 Section 25 as Non – Government.

The founders of the school are Sisters Adorers of Blood of Christ. The name honor of the Saint Maria De Mattias whose name is adopted by the founders of the school. The creating Maria De Mattias Secondary School was the continuation of Maria De Matias School such that when the pupils of primary school completed their education they could have a chance to go for secondary School.

This is a Boarding school. The school were meant overcome segregation between the infected orphan and healthy children by educating them together and preparing them for a future of hope, free of prejudices and without barriers of discrimination. The missionary sisters Adorers of the Blood of Christ , following the example of our founder, Maria De Mattias have tried not only to create a modern , competitive school, but also, through these school, to help people change their mentality of discrimination, break their fears, and destroy the barriers and stigma that surround HIV/AIDS . The school offers education service for O-Level and A- Level. The teachers in Maria De Mattias are competent and highly skilled with ability to train different kind of students and ensure they move in similar pace, all to reach their desire goals

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  • link 2017 - O-Level NECTA Regional Position: 1 / 91
  • link 2018 - A-Level NECTA Regional Position: 9 / 20
  • link 2019 - A-Level NECTA Regional Position: 16 / 26
  • link 2020 - O-Level NECTA Regional Position: 5 / 168

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